Jul, 264:49 am

Well said Duke

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Jul, 224:45 pm

Smoky calving ease….

CRSC Newman

Sire: Tank (Heat Seeker)
Dam: Charolais (Fast Track)/Angus
His calves come pocket sized, have vigor, built right, and sell good! Silvers, yellows, Hereford marked, black baldies. You name it he throws color. Semen will be available this fall from owners.

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Jul, 223:42 am

Battle of the Cattle

Reserve Champion Chi

Man Among Boys
Sold by CRSC
Raised by Treinen Cattle Company

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Jul, 205:42 pm

Battle of the Cattle Cow Selfie

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Jul, 1110:42 pm

New bling for my customers!

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Jul, 96:22 pm

Cody Jacob Tooker

Makin big progress.

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Jul, 73:18 am

I knew it. Someday I would come to it!

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Jul, 16:45 pm

Reserve Champion Simmy

More customer success at Kendall Classic in Boerne, TX

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Jul, 16:41 pm

Kendall Classic

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Jun, 2712:04 am

Just hanging out here boss….

I can’t see, I can’t see! And where in the hell is my water???

Typical day round here…

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Jun, 196:51 pm

Ms Gut Bomb

Sometimes we just need a break to appreciate all life has to offer….

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Jun, 29:52 pm

Cody Tooker

Finally going home.

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