Aug, 282:51 pm


A good day at the office!!! This is a full sib to this $15,000 high seller a few years ago. I expect big things here! 

Walks Alone x CRSC 790 Donor


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Aug, 2612:59 pm

My new hired hand…

Couldn’t be more blessed than to have him helping me do cattle chores! There was a time that the doctors said he may not walk or have use of his right hand. The good lord above had a better plan!  


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Aug, 243:16 pm

Gold Dust working…

I will sure take more built like this 1.

Gold Dust x Unforgiven/Meyer/48G. Few hours old. 


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Aug, 2311:14 pm

Customer success 

Res champion Breeding hfr Carroll county fair 2nd class 6 commercial hfrs Iowa state fair shown by Alyssa flood 

Sold by cactus rose show cattle and Luke Eischeid  


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Aug, 2310:52 am

A happy little customer

Not bad for her 1st show steer. Text message from her older sister…

Hey this is Hannah my sister Gracie belle wants you to have a picture of her belt buckles she won with her steer from last year steer pickles and she named her steer French fries now (thanks for the name) 


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Aug, 2212:20 pm

Big Mac 

From our good ole buddy Luke “Marshmallow” Eishield…

His name is big Mack which lil weird bein that’s a burger lol  


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Aug, 143:49 pm

Flash back Friday

Cant wait for the full sibs to start hatching!  


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Aug, 134:51 pm

My co pilot today…

8 year old, back seat driving, giggling joke telling, cattle talking, handsome, awesome son! Love him to the moon!!! 


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Aug, 121:55 pm

And we do these as well…

This is a CRSC Newman 1077X on a PB Brahman cow! Steer making machine. The result of a winter lease of Newman.  


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Aug, 121:45 pm

A serious little customer…

I love helping out the little kids that want to win. All business here!!!

Congrats Cole Young  


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Aug, 102:07 pm

Calving season is starting out nicely!

We like a little color here @ CRSC. 

Sire: Motor Boater (MAB x Charolais)

Dam: It’s Complicated x Sandman 


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Aug, 89:59 am

Battle of Cattle

Caleb on the banner with his good buddy Eric Dragger. 


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