Apr, 1112:46 pm

Ms Kitty

When I talk about females 1st then steers I kinda mean it! These are the kinda DONOR cows we have. Thanks to Cline Cattle for your new partnership in this phenomenal specimen.  


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Apr, 108:44 pm

Class 10 Cowtown

If yall are still looking for a contender look no further. 

Sire: Walks Alone

Dam: CRSC Donor 790 Meyer 


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Apr, 812:25 pm

New jewelry for the show cows


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Apr, 78:37 pm

Cowtown Shorthorn

Everyone looking for Fort Worth steers yet here yall go. Sound, sappy bellied, stout enough for a shorthorn and alpaca haired. Show stick broke for my 8 year old. 


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Apr, 62:43 pm

New ear tags for the bovines


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Apr, 51:00 pm

Monopoly x Heat Wave 

This one right here boys and girls can run with the best of them in Fort Worth class 8,9, or 10!


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Apr, 110:57 am

Hair or slick. This one wins

Sire: Dry County

Dam: Heat Wave/Hostage

For sale private treaty! 

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Mar, 271:07 pm

Selling tonight

if you are looking for a middleweight to compete in Fort Worth look no further last I checked a red one just was slap grand champion

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Mar, 271:05 pm

Dual purpose. Hair or slick

this one has a chance to win the light weights in Fort Worth and also has a chance to do the same in San Antonio you choose

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Mar, 215:45 pm

Show shack is starting to fill up. Time for new homes! 

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Mar, 147:50 pm

Texas sunset

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Mar, 138:41 pm

“Tastes like Heaven; burns like hell” Torchys Tacos.

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